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Author Topic: Are Men Exempt for All Household Works?  (Read 18208 times)


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Re: Are Men Exempt for All Household Works?
« Reply #200 on: February 07, 2012, 11:48:16 am »
Are Men Exempt for All Household Works?

no.  luckily for me, my banana republic does not think it's beneath him to help around the house.  there are just some things i can't do, like opening tight bottle caps or waking up early to prepare breakfast or ironing more than 2 or 3 clothes at a time.  he hates dishwashing, i don't mind picking up his things from the floor. 

one tries to make up for the other as far as household chores are concerned.  we learned to live with that without any expressed agreements on how to do things.  it behooves on me though to try to do more as much as i can because he's the one who holds a day job.     

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