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Author Topic: Hands-on: APEC goes trucking  (Read 255 times)


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Hands-on: APEC goes trucking
« on: December 04, 2020, 01:09:55 am »
Issued by the APEC Secretariat

Victoria, Australia, 9 February 2010 - Business leaders from the APEC region were exposed to some of the latest innovations in technology for heavy vehicles, when they received hands-on experience at the Australian Automotive Research Centre in Victoria this week.

Delegates from the APEC Business Advisory Council examined the newest ways to ensure road safety and improve efficiency.

Affecting trade, social safety and environmental sustainability; transport efficiency is an obvious priority to APEC member economies. Keeping abreast of technological developments within the transport industry enables decision-makers and influencers to design policies that are people and environment friendly.

For Lindsay Fox, Founder of Linfox, the logistics and supply chain company that owns the research centre, the issue is personal:

"Thousands of freight drivers die on roads in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand every year. We want to make sure that all drivers in the region make it home to their families at night."

Participants observed testing of an anti-collision system (which causes trucks to brake automatically if they get too close to the vehicle in front); a lane departure warning system (which causes an alarm to sound when they cross the lane marker); and anti-lock braking systems (which allow drivers to maintain control while braking heavily, especially on slippery road surfaces).

Linfox has long embraced the use of new and emerging technologies for heavy vehicles. In fact, says Fox, "the next stage in the battle against vehicle accidents can only be won with the use and adaptation of these technologies, both locally and across the Asia Pacific."

In addition, decision-makers examined hybrid trucks, which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 39 percent. A prime example, hybrid technology has helped Linfox to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent since 2007.

Insists Fox: "We must collectively encourage and support our [neighbours] in further examining these technologies and delivering safer and better environmental outcomes for their economies."

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