2011 International Beauty and Personal care product Expo(China)

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2011 International Beauty and Personal care product Expo(China)
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2011 Shenzhen International Beauty Expo (IBE)

Date: March 10~12, 2011.
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China
Organizer: Asian Association of Detergents & Cosmetics
           Guangzhou Fashion Pavilion Exhibition Co., LTD
The Shenzhen International Beauty Expo (IBE) is an international recognized cosmetics exhibition focused on daily cosmetics which brings a lot of subversive ideas to the industry by innovatively integrated the manufacturers, dealers, distributors, consumers, and media.

As one of the most professional cosmetics exhibition, the IBE always tries to provide an innovative exchange platform for the daily cosmetics industry, on which the cosmetics companies can strengthen their brands’ recognition, enhance their brands’ position, and raise their brands’ value.

With an exhibiting area of over 15,000 square meters and 800 standard exhibiting booths, the IBE successfully gathers the whole industry which shows the essence of the industry peak. Exhibitors and visitors can meet each other effectively in different professional exhibiting area such as the international famous brands area, the super market products area, the store products area, the retail chain products area, the machinery and materials area, etc.

The IBE 2011 will be held on March 10 ~ 12 in Shenzhen convention & exhibition center. 

Exhibiting Profile:

Beauty products: perfumes, color cosmetics, detergents, and personal care products;
Cosmetics machineries: packaging, ingredients, machinery, and OEM, ODM, etc.
Nail care products and machinery: nail products, nail care machinery, cosmetics magazines, cosmetics books, and cosmetics schools.
Others: professional media, education and training organization, and intermediary structures

International Famous Brands Area:RMB2000/㎡
This area gathers a lot of excellent new products from USA, France, Japan, Korea, China HK, and China Taiwan district to show the new cosmetics trends and new technical accomplishments through their famous brand ideas and recognitions.

Special Store Products Area:RMB1600/㎡

 This area focuses on those products selling by special cosmetics stores, and where gathers a lot of strong brands and potential brands to show their brand vision and unique selling points of their products. At the same time, the special stores can find business chances through the selection of those trendy products.

Super Market Store Products Area:RMB1500/㎡
This area focuses on those cosmetics products selling by super market stores and KA stores, and where exhibits skin care products, hair care products, family use soap products and cleaning products.   

Packaging and Machinery Area:RMB1400/㎡
This area focuses on newly packaging design, ingredients, and machinery on which gathers a lot of famous brands from packaging, ingredients, and machinery fields to show the idea of technology making beauty.   

KA and Chain Store Products Area:
This area tries to build a new exchange platform among suppliers, consumers, and stores by initially inviting super market stores and KA stores to involve as exhibitors.
The IBE has reached a strategic cooperation with the China Detergents & Cosmetics Weekly and the One-Stop-Train for attracting investments which has developed good relations with a lot of cosmetics agencies through its professional magazine and over 100 stop attracting investment activities. Under strict censorship, the IBE and its partners are organizing over 100,000 principals room the cosmetics agencies, Franchising brands, special stores, KA shops, and super market stores for purchasing, negotiating, and visiting.
The IBE makes the transactions easy by utilizing its professional visitors database and media supporting resources.

The organizers still will invite visitors by:
Opening the website to provide online services for exhibitors and visitors; http://en.ibesz.com
Successfully attracting over 100 influential media for reporting, such as the cosmetics daily, the cosmetics observation, the china cosmetics, the China Detergents & Cosmetics Weekly, the China cosmetics web, the China soap and cosmetics web, etc.
Becoming the focus of over 300 mass media which is reporting the innovation of the IBE;
Organizing VIP purchasing groups with the cooperation of over 20 cosmetics associations;
Sending short messages, e-mails, e-faxes, post mails to over 400,000 purchasers on the professional database;
Advertising on professional cosmetics markets in big cities;
Building a big call-center of over 40 seats to invite those professional visitors in personal.

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