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Monikl—an intuitive and innovative online platform

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Monikl—an intuitive and innovative online platform
« on: April 03, 2017, 03:08:36 AM »
People looking for jobs and employers trying to fill them have a game-changing new tool available. It is called Monikl—an intuitive and innovative online platform, designed to make profitable long-term employment decisions.
Where traditional staffing methods tend to focus on comparing job descriptions to resumes, Monikl does much more. It accounts for work-style preferences, company cultures and other factors that contribute to the success or failure in hiring decisions.
Zachary Senz-Kamler, co-founder of Monikl, puts it this way: “We’re like a dating service for the staffing industry. We don’t just look at skill sets and positions. Monikl looks at the whole person in context of an entire corporate culture, part of which is the specific job involved.”

Staffing challenges are very familiar for Senz-Kamler, who started working for his parents in the staffing business at the age of 12. After years observing the challenges of the hiring process, he began focusing on how to be a more effective matchmaker in the marketplace.

Meanwhile, Senz-Kamler’s friend, Ken, was experiencing typical difficulties of hiring through job boards and postings. “I was trying to fill a Senior Developer position,” he says, “Out of hundreds of applicants, most were completely unqualified, or didn’t fit the culture.” He eventually mentioned his problem to Senz-Kamler, which led to the co-founding of Monikl.

Featuring a simple interface that takes only minutes to navigate, Monikl uses advanced algorithms that make finding the right job or the right employee easier, faster and cheaper than traditional methods. Unlike job boards, there is no searching. You are alerted when there is a match for you.

Monikl is based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Check out to find out more about this new approach to populating the workforce. As Senz-Kamler puts it: “Monikl exists because we wanted to change the way the world works by changing the way the world finds work."

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