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Title: iPhone Burn Issues
Post by: MIKELIGALIG.com on November 07, 2017, 01:33:13 PM
OLED displays have been around for several years, but they still suffer from a few minor issues. Google had a lot of customers hitting its official forums with complaints about the Pixel 2 XL's screen burn-in problems. Apple seems to have learned a thing or two from Google's experience. Moments after the iPhone X went on sale, Apple warned customers about the iPhone X burn-in issues. The company didn't want to give early buyers a chance to start complaining on the Internet.

Image Source: Apple.com (screenshot)

iPhone X burn-in is an 'expected behavior'

The iPhone X is Apple's first smartphone to feature an OLED display. It suffers from many of the same problems such as “burn-in” and other “visual changes” that affect other smartphones with OLED panels. Remember that OLED is far better than LCD when it comes to vibrant colors, brightness, and energy efficiency, but these shiny new screens have their own imperfections.

The Cupertino company has quietly updated the support page to explain that people shelling out $1,000 might experience the iPhone X burn-in problems in the future. Apple's support page says you might see “slight shifts in color and hue” when viewing off-angle. The iPhone X burn-in would likely appear after long-term use. When a high-contrast element such as an app icon appears on the screen for long periods of time, you might see remnants even after the element is removed.

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