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Title: Philippine Tarsier Found in Anda, Bohol
Post by: Ligalig-Mike on December 07, 2011, 07:41:32 PM
By Bohol Standard

ANDA, Bohol – The existence of Philippine Tarsiers are for years only known, flourished and said to be becoming extinct species in the hinterlands of Corella and Sikatuna towns. But unknown to many they also abound in this tourist town, said Vice-Mayor Paulino Amper.

In an exclusive interview, Amper disclosed this last week after keeping it from public knowledge to protect the smallest primate from further danger. He said it is about time to tell the people that his town has also this kind of attraction since it is about time also for the town to prepare for the break in tourism industry.

The municipality boasts of its nature-endowed beauty in the kilometric stretch of unspoiled white powdery sand that can equal other places with striking rock formations, tranquil place for vacation and swimming, turtle sanctuary, whale-and-dolphin visits, rich manganese material deposits and La Manok island of caves and cultural heritage such as the old houses and century stone church and people’s hospitality and values.

In a separate interview, Juho (pronounced as Yuho), a Finnish national but fluent in English who took several days of break here described the town as “quiet” and “peaceful” ideal for vacation. This was his first trip here and the province. When he arrived in Manila then to Cebu city and in Bohol he was told to set foot in Panglao but ended up here because Panglao is crowded.

Amper, who was then mayor for almost two decades, said that when three lady mayors, one of them he identified as lady mayor of Marikina, visited here, they’re impressed because this is good for vacationers.

When he brought and showed them some live Tarsiers, all the more they’re amazed. He quoted the lady mayors as saying that why go other places in the province when Anda can provide what they want to see, Amper said.

Amper said that after the visitors saw the Tarsiers, he ordered them back to wooded sactuary of barangay Almaria and neighboring barangays because he was afraid that they might not live longer if they’re in captivity as what he learned from experts.

Asked if he plans to set up a Tarsier sanctuary in the town proper, he answered in the negative but he may put up similar facility in Corella but no timeframe yet since this is just an idea.

Meanwhile, the vice-mayor said that he Mayor Angelina Simacio maintains the public beach space of white sand beach, a stone-throw distance from the municipal hall building, to provide the lowly beach goers space to picnic and have fun and enjoy the sand, sea and sun.

Amper together with Mayor Angelina Simacio has designated municipal tourism officer Arvin Deligero Rubillos and set up a tourist center offering souvenir items at the public market to provide information and related assistance to the visitors. (RVO)
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