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Woman in Germany Seeking Her Boholano Father

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I am fond of reading and fond of helping persons out and hopefully doing well at it...I usually skim over the comments and questions to the US EMBASSY page in the Face Book and I cam across this lady seeking her Boholono Papa.   I replied to her blog at the Embassy page and told here I was living here for sometime...she clicked on my name and we chat tonight I told her about the website Tubag Bohol and she will register when she awakens in Germany...Her husband is living in story goes like this in looking for her papa....Hope my friends and readers in here can help her.....

"To All My Facebook/Tubag Bohol Friends & Viewers,

 I am still searching for my Biological Father. He is originally from Bohol Philippines. In my knowledge he went to School in Cebu City and took Bachelor of Laws around year 1971 to 1975. He got married and had 3 children. Their family is settled now in USA.

The brother of my father knew that my mother, Diosa Paulin was impregnated by my father way back in Cebu City. My mother is originally from Pagadian Philippines. She also went to School in Cebu City and took Midwifery Course around year 1971 to 1974.

I was born on November 21 in Catmondaan Catmon, Cebu Philippines. I learned from my resource that my father was beside my mother when I was born. My father saw me physically when I was an infant. Now, I want also to see my father physically and I will not stop and be tired in searching for my father. Help me dear FB friends and viewers in spreading this message.

"To my Biological Father,

I want to meet you, to know you and learn more about you & your existence. My life will not be completed if I will not meet you and know you. I have a strong feeling that one day we will meet and know each other. I am very hopeful that Facebook/Tubag Bohol will be one of the bridges in finding you. Hopefully you will find me too through this posted message. I love you my father and I am longing for your existence. Thank you."

I am withholding the name of the girl until she joins us here in Tubag Bohol......please someone help find her here..... :)

Hello Jellybean, can you post the name of the father. I will try to search his name in some online databases.

how touching.  i hope father and daughter will meet soon.

Ako sad, nanghinaut, they will meet face to face one day. Saludar kos anak.   ;)

Translation: I'm hopeful they will meet oneday face to face and re-ignite lost relationship  ;)

hala kadtong daghan ug gipugas sa gawas, lantad namo ky gipangita namo sa mga bunga...unsa kaha ni basin manimgil na ni.


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