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For all those who have some links to the Tan Surname; Tan ancestry.


My great grandfather (my mother's side) was from Guangzhou, China. He was 100% Pure Han Chinese.

His Chinese name was Tan Ngai ; he arrived to the Philippines by way of Sulu then to Cebu in 1909. He arrived to the Philippines with his brother (we do not know his name); his brother stayed in Cebu, while Lolo migrated to the town of Valencia in Bohol.

His Filipino name was: Mariano Tan. He eventually married my great grandmother, Gabina Ignalan (half Castillian Spanish, half Filipina).
They had 4 children: Fortunata Tan (my grandmother), Cecilio Tan (my grand uncle), Balbina Tan (my grand aunt) and Juliano Tan (my grand uncle).

there are some Tans in Talibon...

Thank You. I also found out that I have relatives in Cebu, and many more in Guangzhou and Fuzhou, China.

Interesting how genealogy works out.

Hi Dong Lorenz!

My paternal grandfather was Tan Guan Sing (aka Tan Tek Liong) ... ambot ngano these names ... I dont have specific info about how he landed diri sa Bohol.  He was based in Guindulman, Bohol.  His Filipino name was Eufrosino (Singa) Tan.  He married my paternal grandmother Teofista Jayoma Amora.

I am very unfortunate not have any details as specific as yours.  But from what little I have heard my Lolo maintained books of accounts for some of the Chinese community in Bohol, as well as served as a "letter writer" for some of the Chinese in Bohol who were not literate.  Ang alam ko, he was from Amoy, China. 

He used to also trade copra until his death in 1954?

My father has a half brother, Tan Ho Chuan (Filipino name:  Juan Tan) but he is now on his early stage of second childhood.  So it is malabo to get details from him ...

I wished though, that I had the opportunity of knowing my Chinese granddad (and his Chinese family), as even here in the UK I am more often mistaken, and described by both the British and some Filipinos as "Chinese"!!!

Last year, I even went to the extent of accepting an assignment to teach English in China, in my desire to learn Mandarin ... my first step to my quest of locating my Chinese grandfather's "links"!

Again from what little I know ... he has some distant relatives in Jagna, Cebu and possibly Ormoc.  Maybe when I retire I will spend some of my remaining days looking for these "relatives" ...


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