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A Study of Bohol Outmigrants

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A Study of Bohol Outmigrants
« on: September 30, 2017, 05:56:37 PM »
Bohol outmigrants: a case study
Adem, E S
Bohol outmigrants : a case study / E.S. Adem.
SEAPRAP Research Report ; no. 74
Country of Publication:
Singapore, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Southeast Asia Population Research Awards Program [SEAPRAP], 1982.
159 p.

The report summarizes research undertaken on outmigration from the Bohol province of the Philippines to Cagayan de Oro--an urban center near Bohol. The objective of the study was to identify the factors that work together and trigger an individual's movement out of rural areas, into the city. The study utilizes the case history method in discovering latent and implicit interlocking motives for moving. It was limited to 106 households which experienced outmigration between 1978-1979. The conclusions discredit theories which view migration as a wholly economic-motivated decision. The case history method of gathering research, (as opposed to the survey method), revealed that the "kinship system" underlies outmigration. In this system, members of the family, particularly siblings who have established themselves in the city, prearrange employment for a member of their family before the migrant moves away. Thus, on the whole, the Boholano migrant is not independently motivated to go to the city to find work but rather was brought there or sent for by the kin. Pursuit of higher education often initiates outmigration of the young, which in turn triggers migration of other siblings. Family and community ties remain extremely important to the migrant and often cause him to return to Bohol or to shuttle frequently between Bohol and the city. Policy implications of the findings are examined and recommendations are made for further studies in migration.

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