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Thoughts about Energy and Continuation

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Thoughts about Energy and Continuation
« on: January 15, 2009, 12:34:30 AM »
I had an interesting discussion with fellow colleagues today, based on the chapter we are covering. Which is primarily energy consumption and the longevity. The Law of Energy states that Energy is neither created or destroyed, but rather transferred.

This concept is Law in Physiology, particularly in Medicine and in Physics.

One colleague mentioned life and death. And asked a rather titilating question, "What happens to our energy when we die?"

It is law that within the human body, in the living, there are electromagnetic pulses that radiate throughout the body. Why in the nervous system itself, the neurons (somatic, motor and interneurons) are responsible for transferring electrical impulses from the cell body to axons to axonal terminals to dendrites. This progresses in afferent and efferent pathways.

Now this captivated my colleagues and I in a conversation. So I wanted to ask this same question here and hear your point of view.

The question again that was addressed:

"What happens to our energy when we die?"


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