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Author Topic: Health benefits of eating cabbage  (Read 1644 times)


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Health benefits of eating cabbage
« on: January 16, 2010, 09:54:57 AM »
     An overwhelming abundance of medical and scientific evidence has been published in the last decade to show that cabbage and its kind can help to prevent cancer if used in the diet properly.
Here are other health benefits of cabbage: It helps lower cholesterol especially varieties like brussel sprouts. Brussel sprouts are bitter similar to that of bittermelon. It can dramatically lower what is often called "bad" cholesterol. ( blanch it with salted boiling water and saute it with olive oil and add brown sugar).
    At least two scientific publications have reported its findings that by including cabbage and its other members in your diet more often, you stand a very good chance of not developing heart disease later on in life.
     It also helps fights yeast infection- other than cabbage other  veggies that helps fights infection include: spinach, broccoli,chives and brussel sprouts.
     Cabbage is also a fantastic Ulcer healer. Different medical journals have separately confirmed that raw cabbage and raw cabbage juice is just the ticket for relieving and healing any kind of gastrointestinal ulcer, be it doudenal, peptic, or what have you. Half a cup, morning and night, of raw juice is a terrific antacid remedy plus a great ulcer healer.
    Cabbage is also regarded as radiation protection. Considering the excessive radiation to which were constantly exposed today, ranging from home computers and microwave ovens to color TVs and high-tension power lines through the neighborhood and our cellphones, it may be a good idea to add more cabbage to your weekly diet for extra protections.
There's so many ways to eat raw cabbage. Try to make your  own coleslaw ( Slice cabbage in thin strips like that of a toothpick same with carrots- you can add pineapple tidbits and raisins).
     Your dressing could be as simple as mayonnaise, olive oil and apple cider vinegar with pepper and little bit of sugar or you can  add chopped red onions, choppped fresh parsley and  add celery seeds. You have to many options to make your coleslaw as delightful as you can be. Just use your creative imagination.
(source email from a medical practioner in NY)

Fotos of cabbage, chives and brussel sprouts respectively.


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Re: Health benefits of eating cabbage
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2010, 11:16:46 AM »
lami ning repolyo isagol sa pansit


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