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Looking for the Sunrise
« on: September 04, 2012, 04:39:31 AM »
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  • I’m not looking for the sunset,
    As the swift years come and go;
    I am looking for the sunrise,
    And the golden morning glow,
    Where the light of heaven’s glory
    Will break forth upon my sight,
    In the land that knows no sunset,
    Nor the darkness of the night.

     I’m not going down the pathway
    Toward the setting of the sun,
    Where the shadows ever deepen
     When the day at last is done;
    I  am walking up the hillside
    Where the sunshine lights the way,
    To the glory of the sunrise
    Of God’s never-ending day.

     I’m not going down, but upward,
    And the path is never dim,
    For the day grows ever brighter
    As I journey on with Him.
    So my eyes are on the hilltops,
    Waiting for the sun to rise,
    Waiting for His invitation
    To the home beyond the skies.

     Albert Simpson Reitz, June 1953



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