Author Topic: Quality of Life of Bolanons in Bohol  (Read 489 times)

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Quality of Life of Bolanons in Bohol
« on: May 01, 2012, 05:20:33 PM »
source: Bohol Poll by HNU

A quarter of the Boholano voters claimed that their present quality of life is better than 12 months ago (gainers), three out of ten (31 %) said there is no change while close to half (45%) said it is worse now than before (losers). The results showed that there are more losers than gainers. It is significant to note that across variables, only the youngest age group, 18-24, got positive net gainers of 23(% gainers minus % losers). This means that only the young Boholano Voters considered their present quality of life better than a year ago.

When Boholano voters were asked to foresee the quality of their lives 12 months from now, a quarter (24%) said it will become better (optimists), four out of ten (38%) said it will be the same while three out of ten (28%) said it will worsen (pessimists). Thus, Boholano voters are more pessimistic about the future at -4(% optimistic minus % pessimists). Across districts, District 2 voters (+9) were more optimistic about the future. Furthermore, those with relatively optimistic outlook of the future came from Classes ABC(+5) and D (+1) and age groups 18-24 (+16) and 25-34(+8).
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