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At the end of the one-day seminar, the participants would be able to do job evaluation and job pricing study. Specifically, they would be able to:

1. Formulate job descriptions;
2. Apply appropriate job evaluation method; and
3. Design pay structure that is internally and externally competitive.

Module 1: Rewards Management in Perspective

    - Framework on Total Rewards
    -  Objectives
    - Components

Module 2: Introduction to Job Evaluation

    - Definition
    - Principles, Purposes and Process
    - Job Evaluation: An OD Intervention

Module 3: Job Definition

    - Job Analysis Mechanics
    - Data Gathering
    - Formulation of Job Description

Module 4: Methods and Job Evaluation Committee

    - Qualitative Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages
    - Quantitative Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages
    - Job Classification
    - Options in Forming Job Evaluation Committee

Module 5: Designing Salary Structure

    - Internal Consistency & External Competitiveness
    - Considerations in Job Pricing
    - Parts of the Salary Structure
    - Design Key Process

Module 6: Salary Administration

    - Job Evaluation Adjustment
    - Variation in Individual Base Pay
    - Other Pay Actions

Speaker: Dr. Virgel C. Binghay
• Professor & Coordinator - Graduate Studies Program, School of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of the Philippines (UPSOLAIR)
• International lecturer (Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.)
• Editor of the “Philippine Journal of Labor and Industrial Relations”
• Expert in corporate planning, organization development, human resource management, industrial relations and quality management.
• Accredited Voluntary Arbitrator of the Department of Labor & Employment
• Former Director, Center for Industry Productivity & Competitiveness
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