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by Bohol Standard

Farming was once and still is the chief way of life in most counrtries all over the world because without the crops and animals raised on farms, population would not survive. Sad to note though that not many would like to farm for a living any more, but farming remains the most important occupation in the world.

Scientific methods and labor-saving machinery have made farming increasingly productive. The development of improved plant varieties and fertilizers has helped double and even triple the yields of some major crops. Scientific livestock care and breeding have helped increase the amount of meat and products that animals produce. Some of these methods are alternatives on unfavorable conditions that beset the best of farming.

Many of our farmers and fisherfolks do not know that methods exist and there are those who are apprehensive to take on new methods and most of these are the poorest of the poor.

However, DSWD’s Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program paved the way for households of farmers and fisherfolks to once again trust the national government on its endeavor in improving their way of life. The introduction of “Cash For Work” and “Cash for Training” of the Rice Subsidy Program was a welcome endeavor for the small scale farmer and fisherfolks such as the likes of 42 year Jaime Binoro from the Municipality of Carlos P.Garcia, Bohol. Married to Marilyn, a Pantawid Pamilya grantee with two children ages 8 and 1 years old, farming is all that Jaime knows what to do. Going to school simply to learn to read and count was what mattered to Jaime’s father as he was growing up because for Jaime’s father education means learning to farm and earning your keep for the day which is why grade 2 is all the education he got.

“Pagka-apil sa akong asawa sa Pantawid Pamilya wa na ko mahadlok kung bati akong ani kay sigurado man ko nga maka eskwela man akong anak. Apan paet gihapon kay mao ra gyud ni akong nahibaw-an buhaton, ug kay mubo man ko ug grado wala koy lain matudlo sa akong anak nga panginabuhi. Apan sa iyang nakit-an murag dili gyud angay sundon akong mga lakang” (When my wife became a grantee of Pantawid Pamilya, I am not anymore afraid when harvest is bad because I know that my son can still go to school. However things are still hard because farming is all that I know and having very minimal education I do not have anything worthy to teach my son except farming, but with what he can see with how I make a living, it is something that is not worth following) said this father sadly.

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program is a poverty reduction strategy of the national government that provides conditional cash grants to extemely poor household for health, nutirition and education. An allocation of P500/month for health and P300/month per child but a maximum of three children only shall be given for five years as long as the following set conditions of going to the health center for monthly check-ups, immunization, weighing, pre-natal and post natal for pregnant women are complied and an 85% school attendance for schooling age children are met. Part of the program’s design is to have the family attend Family Development Sessions “sa sige ug apil sa akong asawa anang FDS daghan man siya ug nakuha nga hinay-hinay niyang gi gamit sa among pagpamuyo unya nindot man ang resulta” (my wife’s constant attendance to family development sessions taught her some things about family which she is slowly applying in the house and with good results) notes Jaime.

He further adds, ‘mau nga pag-ingon nga adunay ihatag nga seminar para sa mga bana nga mag-uuma ug mangingisda, wala ko magduha-duha nga mu-apil kay nakita na nako ang kaayohan sa Pantawid Pamilya mau nga nakasiguro ko nga kaayohan gyud ning Rice Subsidy” (When we were informed that a seminar would be given to the grantee’s spouses who are farmers and fisherfolks, I did not have second thoughts that it only brings good news. I have seen the good effects of Pantawid Pamilya and I am sure that the same would happen with the Rice Subsidy program) said Jaime.

After finishing the 11-days training and community work, Jaime only has this to say “sukad sa akong kinabuhi karon pa ko naka bati ug garbo sa akong pagka mag-uuma. Di na ko mauwaw mu-ingon sa akong anak nga puede ko niyang sundon kay na-a diay mga bag-ong pama-agi sa pag-uma. Dako kaayo akong pasalamat sa Rice Subsidy ug Pantawid Pamilya sa DSWD kay bisan mubo ko ug grado gitaga-an ko nila ug oportunidad nga ma-edukar ko ug ang pinaka-importante para ni mabuhi akong pamilya ug makalingkawas sa tumang kapobrehon” (For the first time in my life, I felt proud in being a farmer. With the alternatives methods that I have learned I am not anymore ahsamed to show my son the life of farming. I have the Rice Subsidy Program and Pantawid Pamilya of DSWD to thank because even if I have a minimal education, I was given the chance to learn and most importantly I could cross my family across poverty). PR-Lariba)
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  • Maayo kay naay program ingon ani. Dili jud dapat ika uwaw ang pa uma kay ikauwaw ba diay nga kita ang source sa prouction sa pagkaon.
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