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Author Topic: The Hackers Underground Handbook  (Read 1087 times)


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The Hackers Underground Handbook
« on: November 26, 2010, 08:18:17 PM »

The information provided in this eBook is to be used for educational
purposes only. The eBook creator is in no way responsible for any misuse of the
information provided. All of the information in this eBook is meant to help the
reader develop a hacker defense attitude in order to prevent the attacks
discussed. In no way should you use the information to cause any kind of
damage directly or indirectly.
The word “Hack” or “Hacking” in this eBook
should be regarded as “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical hacking” respectively.
You implement the information given at your own risk.

Table of Contents

A. Introduction

1. How can I use this eBook?
2. What is a hacker
3. Hacker Hierarchy
4. What does it take to become a hacker?
5. Disclaimer

B. Programming

1. Do I really need it?
2. Where should I start?
3. Best way to learn

C. Linux

1. What is it?
2. Choosing a distribution
3. Running Linux
4. Learning Linux

D. Passwords

1. Password Cracking
2. Phishing
3. Countermeasures
4. More Programs

E. Network Hacking

1. Foot printing
2. Port Scanning
3. Banner Grabbing
4. Searching for Vulnerabilities
5. Penetrating
6. Countermeasures

F. Wireless Hacking

1. Scanning for Wireless Networks
2. Cracking WEP
3. Packet Sniffing
4. Countermeasures

G. Windows Hacking

1. NetBIOS
2. Cracking Windows Passwords
3. Countermeasures

H. Malware

1. Definitions
2. ProRat
3. Countermeasures

I. Web Hacking

1. Cross Site Scripting
2. Remote File Inclusion
3. Local File Inclusion

J. Conclusion

1. Congratulations
2. Keep Learning
3. [url=]


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