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Author Topic: Audio transcriptionist wanted - Homebase Job  (Read 295 times)


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Audio transcriptionist wanted - Homebase Job
« on: August 27, 2012, 06:23:08 AM »

Looking for someone to transcribe audio files into .txt documents and edit them so they are very readable. Very quick and easy work.

PAYOUT is P5 per minute. Paid via Paypal. This translates to an audio hour rate of P300 per hour!

But READ this FISRT:

More than 90% of the Applicants did not Pass the filtration process because of failure in complying every single instructions needed.
To be qualified, MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL DETAILS CAREFULLY as this is also a preliminary test to screen every application if they Follow English Instruction.

Work Details:

Audio transcriptionist wanted


*Can type as fast as 40 words per minute
*Quick and accurate transcriber (can transcribe by listening to the materials once only)
*No college degree needed
*Must have strong English and Communication skills
*Can produce report material without typographical error or misspellings
*Must have the ability to follow guidelines

Pre Application Procedure:

NOTE – These instructions test your ability to understand and follow instructions. YOU MUST DO THEM TO GET CONSIDERED FOR THIS FREELANCE PROJECT

Part 1:

Find a video in Youtube that is THREE MINUTES LONG
Any Youtube video will do as long as it is a person TALKING – no singing / no action scene or animation, just talking
Write the transcription into a text file
Make sure you format the transcription like an article – it must be very easy to follow. Take out any “uhms” “ahhs”, or other fillers, etc.

Part 2:

Email your attached TEXT FILE (not .doc file) of your transcription of the item in step 2 to with the email subject title TRANSCRIPTIONIST STAGE 1   If you send the wrong title, your email won’t be read and will be deleted immediately.

Assuming your tryout transcription meets minimum quality requirements, we’ll send you a full TEST audio url to transcribe. Pass that, you get put on a roster where you get sent transcription jobs. We send out jobs on a weekly basis.

We are looking for MANY transcriptionists

See how WE work Legitimately:

Here are the testimonials and feedback of our employee working as transcriber:
You can also be part of our team when you apply and submit your sample to us.

If you are interested in other home-based earning opportunities, check out the available projects listed at

Testimonial Videos:


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