Author Topic: Silliman University faces anew land ownership claims from clan  (Read 150 times)

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Silliman University faces anew land ownership claims from clan

DUMAGUETE CITY, March 8 (PNA) -- Silliman University in Dumaguete City is again confronted with the issue of land ownership by a group of individuals who call themselves members of the “Piñero Clan”.

More or less 50 of the “Piñero clan” members braved the rains in bringing posters which read: “this is our land” and “Piñero clan families” in front of the Silliman University gate facing the sea along the boulevard on Wednesday.

The clan members and families are headed by one Ralph Piñero, who claims to be from Davao.

In an interview, Piñero disclosed some of the members of the Piñero clan came as far as Antique, Ilo-ilo, Davao, and from Dumaguete, Bais City, San Jose, Amlan and nearby municipalities.

He claimed to have papers to prove more than 10 hectares of land inside the Silliman University campus are owned by their great grandfather named Pedro Piñero and they are ready to present such documents if they are allowed to talk to the Silliman administration.

A few years back, the group calling themselves the “Exodus” also made the same claims only to be told that the university was standing firm in claiming ownership of the lot with titles, deeds and claims unless otherwise assailed by pronouncements of competent courts.

Unconfirmed reports have it, movements from so-called claimants are expected within the year, especially during the founder’s day celebration.

Silliman authorities could not be immediately reached for comments while the so-called Piñero clan members were holding a peaceful picket near the Portal West area insisting to talk to the administration. (PNA)
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