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28TH Anniversary Celebration Christmas Party
28 December 2007
Harbor View, Bohol Tropics Resort


* DINNER      - 7:00 PM

* PROGRAMME   - 8:00 PM

> Invocation   - Irish, Vera, Joanne, Zia, Mylene and Zorah

> Philippine National Anthem and Bohol Hymn     - DTI-BOHOL
                                                                   Care: Engr. Jerome John J. Gabin

> Welcome Address               - EMILIE GLOVASA, President, BLDT 2007-2008

> “Magandang Gabi”              - ALL BLDT MEMBERS ATTENDING

> Acknowledgment of Guests and Participants     
                                                      - FIEL ANGELI ESPEJO ARAOARAO – GABIN
                                                      Chair, Working / Secretariat Committee

> Inspirational Messages                  - BM JANE CENSORIA DEL ROSARIO CAJES
                                                        President, Bohol Sangguniang Kabataan Federation

                                                     - ATTY. EDGAR M. CHATTO (Represented by Sir Billy Tongco)
                                    Congressman, First District of Bohol

> Presentations by Batch

> Presentations of Candidates of Mr. and Mrs. Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe

> Dance of the Candidates

> Inspirational Message                               - MS. WINCESA ESPEJO ARAOARAO
                                                                    Founder, Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe

> Reminiscences of Bukang Liwayway in Photos     - DTI-BOHOL Care: Engr. Jerome John J. Gabin

> Tribute to Mr. Oscar Buhion Real, BLDT Co-Founder/ Adviser and Choreographer
         - Candle Ceremony “You Light Up My Life” with Ms. Pinky Palaca - Talisaysay
         - Cake Ritual (Care: Rachel B. Mende, Almira G. Lim and Alma G. Piquero)

> Response           - MR. OSCAR BUHION REAL
> Words of Inspiration        - MS. CONCEPCION H. BAGOTCHAY
                          Principal, Dr. Cecilio Putong National HS

> Acknowledgment of Sponsors and Donors - Congressman Edgar M. Chatto - First District of Bohol
                                                             Mrs. Wincesa E. Araoarao - New York, USA
                                                             Mr. Jerson G. Jimenez - Florida, USA
                                                             Department of Trade and Industry
                                                                (headed by Ms. Nannette C. Arbon)
                                                             City Human Resource Management
                                                                (headed by Mr. Mario LLoyd I. Gutierrez)
                                                             Ms. Annaliza M. Preciado Yano - Matsuyama, Japan
                                                             Ms. Maria Florida A. Acuna Ferrer - Vancouver, Canada
                                                             Ms. Shermie O. Cuadra - Hongkong
                                                             Ms. Amalou Ladra Su - Taiwan
                                                             Mr. Gil Balatero - Thailand
                                                             Ms. Juliet S. Israel - Manila
                                                             Engr. Jerome John J. Gabin - DTI-Bohol
                                                             Cong. Roberto C. Cajes - Second District of Bohol
                                                             Board Member Ae R. Damalerio - First District of Bohol
                                                             Gov. Erico B. Aumentado
                                                             Mayor Judith Del Rosario Cajes - Trinidad, Bohol
                                                         Dr. Ma. Nerissa L. Virtusio Clarete - Bool District, Tagbilaran City
                                                         Mr. Paul BIloy - Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
                                                         Mr. SImplicio R. Antopina - California, USA
                                                         Mr. Butch N. Bernas - Tagbilaran City Science High School
                                                         Jojie's Bakeshop of Engr. and Mrs. Arnold Labunog
                                                         Inday Ruffing Torralba - Kiss FM
                                                         Capt. Fortumato 'Atoy' Cosap - DYRD - AM
                                                         Seanbytheway - Kiss FM
                                                         Bohol Sunday Post
                                                         Mr. Lito Responte and Mr. Ted Ayeng of DYTR - AM
                                                         City Planning and Development Office

> Announcement of Special Awards

     Early Bird Awardees - John Francis Salinas and Zia Christy Elle
     Best in Costume - Romel Sapid (Elf) and Emilie Glovasa (Princess Jasmine)
     Stars of the Night - Gil Balatero (Thailand) and Pinky Palaca Talisaysay (Cebu)
     Mr. and Ms. Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe 2008 - Butch M. Bernas and Barbara Visarra Lumapas

> Manita-Manito              - MS. ALMA PIQUERO and MS. ALMIRA LIM

> Announcement and Coronation of Mr. and Ms. BLDT Winners

> “Diwa ng Pasko”                      - BLDT MEMBERS

> Dance . . .          Games . . .          Dance…          Games…             Dance

                                        MS. FIEL ANGELI E. ARAOARAO – GABIN
                                                     Masters of Ceremonies


An Inspirational Message
My dear dancers of the Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe, old and new:
I love and miss you all.
My partner, choreographer, and trainer of the Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe, Mr. Oscar Real, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good evening!
Before I forget, allow me to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to the Gumop-as twins Alma and Almi for initiating the idea, telling Fiel that I should give an inspirational message.
I personally believe you don’t need any inspirational message anymore.
The fact that you have already achieved something in your life now confirms you are already motivated.
What I do have to say instead, are reminders which would probably guide you in your daily life.
Always be aware, it is very important to be a person of values, and I don’t mean on the monetary aspect. There is nothing that can substitute honesty. Nothing can replace sincerity, goodness or kindness. Always strive to use the maximum of your potential which the Lord God has endowed to you. Using the gifts God has given you is an expression of your thanks to God.
Be resourceful. Have a genuine and sincere relationship especially in dealing with your fellowmen especially the less fortunate. Above all, in whatever undertaking you may have always place God at the center, in this way, you could never go wrong.
I also wish to recall the time when I was still with the dance troupe for ten (10) solid years, I feel proud to say that I never heard any of the dance troupe members backbiting or quarreling against each other, neither can anyone hear Mr. Real and me arguing with each other. The dance troupe atmosphere was solely based on proper work ethics on respect, dedication to service, cooperation and value of time.
The existence of the BNHS Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe is praiseworthy and I attribute all the achievements to the dedication and untiring efforts of the one and only Mr. Oscar Real whose qualities and values he possesses as a person and as a teacher cannot be surpassed. With the genuine support and commitment of the dancers of their valuable time and effort the Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe has surmounted the tests of time.
To all the members of the troupe since its humble beginning up to the present, I extend my profound thanks and gratitude.
I love you.
Ma’am Wincie



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