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Buenavista victorious at SK Kabataan Awards
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  • Buenavista (4th from right) Lubang chair Mary Ann Anaña is the most outstanding sk.

    Buenavista town took home the most prestigious Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Awards 2008 during the SK Awarding Night on Dec. 30 at the Metro Centre Hotel.

    The SK barangay chairman of Lubang and Buenavista SK federated president were adjudged the Most Outstanding SK Chairman 2008 and the Most Outstanding SK Municipal/City Federated President respectively. Meanwhile, Garcia Hernandez town had the highest number of awardees---three for the outstanding SK chairman and in the outstanding municipal/city federated president. SKs from the 2nd district of Bohol had the highest number of winners.

    Mary Ann Anaña of Lubang bested other hopefuls from 1,109 barangay SK chairmen of Bohol . She received a personalized trophy, plaque, cash, medal and other incentives for earning the highest award as Most Outstanding SK chairman.

    The SK Kabataan Awards committee chose five awardees for the Most Outstanding SK Municipal/City Federated President: Joanne Gucor, the SK federated president of Buenavista won the award. Collen Rose Guantero of Calape, 2nd place; Chandrina Elluiska Schreurs of Garcia Hernandez, 3rd place; Ivaraxel Erickson of Loon, 4th place; and Maria Celeste Cepedoza of Danao, 5th place.

    SK national president Jane Censoria Cajes personally handed the awards to the winners.

    “The award is very historic because this will help our young leaders to do their best. It is also hoped that this will encourage productivity and fruitful service among the SK leaders in the province and it may also radiate to the rest of the leaders in country,” said Cajes.

    Earning the highest score in the meticulous and rigid screening and validation, the judges and field evaluators saw the sincerity and timeless dedication of Anaña.

    Responding to the call for sincere and genuine youth service and leadership, the Most Outstanding SK Chairman for this year has carved her name in the hearts of the people in her community thru leadership-defining projects.

    An empowered SK chairman who responded to her craving for development--she has the heart for the environment. Through her leadership, she initiated the biggest vegetable garden in her barangay. The garden is spacious with green and leafy vegetables the SK has to sell as an additional income generating project to augment the needs of the SK.

    She has also the compassion for the indigent families and the advocacy for the holistic development of the youth sector in her barangay.

    With a small budget, the SK donated fencing materials to a barangay high school which is a big help for the school.  Mrs. Rosita Sarabia, OIC of Lubang High School confirmed the said SK donation. “Dako jud kayo og gikatabang.”

    A curfew until 10PM is strictly implemented in the barangay in an ordinance she made for security reasons.

    Brazing the challenge of youth leadership, Gerwin Yudelmo , SK chairman of Poblacion, Inabanga, bagged the 2nd place for the Outstanding SK Chairman. He has crafted his legacy as a youth leader thru projects that reflected his advocacy for the protection of the environment and for the development of the talents of the youth.

     He has triumphed over challenges with a single armor which he called “determination.” Redefining the concept of youth leadership, he integrated the advocacy for environmental protection in various tree-planting activities and other related programs in youth activities.

    To prevent flooding and soil erosion, he sought help of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the SK initiated bamboo plantation at the Inabanga River .

    The 3rd place went to Ryan Cabarrubias of barangay Tapal, Ubay who is taking part of the national thrust for disaster preparedness and social issues affecting the youth sector, the 3rd Outstanding SK Chairman of Bohol has cascaded the national advocacies in his locality.

    Quenching his thirst for peace and order in his community, he conducted an information and education campaign on Anti-Insurgency.  Responding to the clamor of the youth sector, he also implemented projects and programs that promote holistic youth development. His projects and programs demonstrated his belief that living in world of peace, is paradise found here on Earth.

    The barangay West Lungsodaan in Garcia-Hernandez, Bohol was never the same when a mighty youth leader was seated.  The 4th Outstanding SK chairman, John Bryan Galendez of West Lungsodaan , Garcia Hernandez, has implemented various projects that served as a wholesome and developmental approach in encouraging youth participation in the community.  His leadership is defined as among the finest and fruitful.

    The visibility of his leadership was evident when the evaluating and validation team came to his barangay.  The team was greeted with sight to behold; the mighty SK chairman was painting the basketball court.

    With the meager budget, he creatively sourced out funds to realize the need of the community for its own sound system.  The project has helped the barangay as it enables them to decrease their spending as the rentals for sound system was no longer needed when the project was realized.

    This young leader has also devoted effort and resources to implement infrastructure projects to include the development of barangay stage and bleachers as well as the lighting of the basketball court.  Being the center of social and community activities, the barangay stage and the bleachers have demonstrated the concrete and sturdy foundation of this young man’s leadership.

    Lieu Galon of East Ulbujan, Garcia-Hernandez was the 5th Outstanding SK Chairman of Bohol . Geared towards holistic development of the youth sector, the leadership style of this debonair SK Chairman is a history in the making.  He has devoted his craft in responding to issues in Education, Health and Youth Recreation.

    In a community nestled along the shoreline of Garcia-Hernandez, Bohol lies a humble barangay where a daring youth leader marked the beginning in his journey through public service.

    He brought technology to the doors of his modest young constituents when conducted a training on basic Computer Literacy and Microsoft Office Application.  The training afforded the youth constituency a broader horizon of opportunities.

    He extended his thrust to responding to the immediate health concern in his community.  He gave his barangay a First Aid Kit and over-the-counter medicines for emergency and immediate medical need.

    Responding to clamor for wholesome recreation activities, he conducted several basketball leagues.

    The 6th Outstanding SK Chairman of Bohol shall now enlist her name among the fruitful leaders of Bohol-- Marivic Maghuyop of barangay Can-Agong, Sikatuna. Health and Nutrition is the primordial attribute of her leadership.  Being a public servant and a dynamic member of her community she dedicated herself and her personal capacity to serve her constituents and her community.  She sincerely conducted clean and green activities as well as sport programs.  She also extends voluntary blood pressure check-up and feeding program in the community.

    From a historic town of Baclayon , Cathy Grace Bonsay of barangay San Roque was declared 7th Outstanding SK chairman.  Her remarkable endeavors includes the distribution of Rubber Trash Container in her barangay.  Amidst her meager and limited budget, she ingeniously sourced out funds to materialized her street lighting project.  Today, the people in her community have experienced and enjoyed the output of a sincere and fruitful service.

    Changing the hearts of the youth – this the basic thrust of Desideria Hemilo, the 8th Outstanding SK chairman from barangay San Anttonio, Sagbayan.  Having accepted the challenge to rejuvenate the vigor and awaken the dynamism of her co-leagues in the service, she personally made initiative and maximize her inter-personal gift to encourage active participation of the youth.  As a result of her efforts attendance and participation of both the SK officials and the KK member have dramatically changed.  She also spearheaded projects in sports and education.

    Going on an extra mile for the 9th spot is a dashing leader fgrom Brgy. Bolod, Panglao, Zosie Domasin. This young lass contributes with dedication to local welfare. Among his major achievements include purchased of a computer se, road clearing and patching, active participation in Panglao’s local festival and environmental clean-up.

    Jay Rem Cano of West Poblacion, Garcia Hernandez was the 1oth Outstanding SK chairman.  He initiated a construction of a computer room in the local SK office, this ongoing technology to help SK plans. His projects also include installation pf garbage trash cans and stand and renovation of basketball court.

    The search for Ten Outstanding SK Chairmen of Bohol is the first localized awards and recognition of SK milestones and endeavors.  The SK provincial federation of Bohol believes that recognition and awards are due to those SKs who have given their heart to the youth, their dedication to public service and love for the country.

    Aside from the cash prizes and other incentives, the 10 SK Outstanding Chairmen will have all-expenses paid trip to Malacañang Palace , Senate and House of Representatives, while the five Outstanding Municipal/City Federated presidents will have an all-expenses paid trip to Boracay.


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