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Author Topic: Column: Kiss of Death?  (Read 160 times)

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Column: Kiss of Death?
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:08:19 PM »
Kiss of Death?
By Atty. Aleckoy T. Lim
Published: December 17, 2006 by The Bohol Standard

It looks as though the equation has changed in Philippine politics. Overnight, a Lakas endorsement changed from a mark of a winner to something else. And it is all because of two nights that awakened the nation.

While most Filipino were preparing to go to sleep, burdened by the many reversals in life including the natural calamities that hit the Philippines one after the other and the economic difficulties that make Christmas bleak for many homes, majority congressmen mangled the proceedings just to make sure they get away with the con-ass.

The result however was the least that they expected.

Irate Filipinos led by religious leaders vowed to hold protest actions not only against the con-ass but all the other issues confronting the Arroyo administration. The controversies on the impeachment proceedings, the Garci tapes and the election irregularities were revived and resurrected.

The reaction was swift. Faced with a potential crisis, delegates to the Asean summit in Cebu City cancelled their participation. They had convenient excuse in typhoon “Seniang” while citing the disastrous effects of typhoon “Reming” days earlier.

Of course, only Malacañang and the members of Congress would believe that.

Why should heads of state, many of them from countries far advanced in technology than the Philippines, be unable to know that Cebu was not in the typhoon’s direct path?

Malacañang had no other recourse but to call off the con-ass. It is not only because of the Asean postponement. It is the very real possibility that the demonstrations would go on until the new date of the Asean summit.

There is no assurance that the demonstrations will not go on just because the con-ass has been shelved. It is even more possible that the anti-government forces particularly the moderates will step up the pressure to prevent extremists from gaining grounds.

In a few weeks, particularly the months after Christmas, we will know if this administration will be able to survive. If the people go back to the streets in protest of one of the most unpopular administration ever, the equation will shift.

There is a possibility that the opposition fever will infect the nation. Like the days before the fall of the Marcos regime, administration candidates had to spend more if they intend to win. Even that is no assurance because the people are no longer as naïve.

Unlike previous years, people will no longer vote simply on the basis of the sample ballots that accompany the cash. Many vote according to their conscience.

If the Arroyo administration fails to stem the tide of popular discontent, many will be abandoning the administration bandwagon and the so-called Cha-Cha train. Instead of being the blessing of the winner, it will look like a kiss of death to candidates.
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