Author Topic: Philippine Supreme Court junks judicial clemency for Makati court stenographer  (Read 23 times)

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SC junks judicial clemency for Makati court stenographer
MANILA, June 1 (PNA) -- The Supreme Court (SC) has dismissed the petition for judicial clemency filed by a court stenographer in Makati City who was dismissed from government service for grave misconduct in 2010.

In an en banc ruling promulgated by Clerk of Court Atty. Felipa B. Anama and released on Wednesday, the SC partially granted the appeal filed by former court stenographer Victoria Jamora.

On Aug. 23, 2010, the SC found Jamora guilty of grave misconduct for attesting in the monthly reports from November 2005 to March 2007 that there were no marriage ever solemnized by then Judge Evelyn Arcaya-Chua despite the fact that there were 1,068 marriages occurred.

In 2012, Jamora filed her appeal before the SC seeking to be allowed to receive her retirement benefits and to be re-employed with any government agency or instrumentality.

Jamora alleged that it was her first offense throughout her 35 years of dedicated and very satisfactory service to the Judiciary.

In its ruling, the SC said that "Jamora's disqualification from re-employment in any branch of the government, including government-owned and controlled corporations is lifted."

"However, in so far as Jamora's prayer for the release of her retirement benefits is concerned, the same is hereby denied," it added.

The SC said that "the Court is not an enemy of those who sincerely repented and reformed, and wished to continue to serve the public." (PNA)
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